Final Post? But not the End!!

Hi everyone 🙂

Thanks for all the wonderful support 😀

So I will breakdown everything in this post:

  1. The team is dead. There is no one. I am out of touch with everyone I am just settling things on my end.
  2. Time. As much I hate to say this, September 2014 was the start of military conscription. I thought I still had time within my service to actually do carry on with the project. However too much time was wasted doing nothing in army camps with no connection with civilian internet. Not forgetting that luxury items(including my dear laptop that I always bring around) are not allowed and so is camera phones(back to the basic brick phone :/). So i end up spending most of my weekends with my family and friends.
  3. Despite having limited time with the project. I am still translating it, but with little progress as I don’t have much time again.

However, this is definitely not the end of it. I apologize for making all of you wait for so long for this project. I am not going to give it up, unless someone would honestly like to take over this project.

I cannot estimate as till when I will be able to finish this, however if things are going as I planned in whatever I do in real life, I should be done in 2 years. If not, then obviously longer.

Many things have changed when I first started this project. I have learned many things, and have treasured everything that I have learned from it. From wanting to help other teams out of love, to creating one and trying to manage, and finally to juggle with my own personal entertainment, along with conscription, family time, time spent with friends and sacrificing time to finish up this project. From just a young kid who wants to do whatever he can at 18 years of age, I have definitely learned a lot from this, whether good or bad and will definitely treasure all the great things I have experienced. Of course, like I said I am not gonna quit. Believe me or not, I will see this till the end, no matter how long will it take.

As of now, thank you very much for your continuous support. Without it, I would not have continued on with this project. Let alone come back to the scripts and even touching it >.<

At the moment:

  1. No recruitment will take place. As mentioned earlier, I will not have enough time to even translate often. Let alone, managing a team.
  2. There will no longer be an update on the progress until the project will be done. I will continue translating as it is, but I will no longer post updates as I will maximize the the time I have into translating.

Until the next post, do look forward to the completion of the project, whether you believe me or not 🙂

Signing off for the last time until the next one in a year or too(hopefully)~


Once again, thank you very much for tour continuous support



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Random Timing, Random Post

Hello everyone~
Been a long time isn’t it?
If you’re worried we are dead, don’t worry we are not. We are just very busy with stuff going on in life. So do bear with the delay in the progress. In the meantime, if you would like something to happen, please do apply as a translator if you could. This is a very important role that we are really lacking as of now. With our current translator being real busy, there would be almost no progress.

Thanks for your attention, hope to see you again~


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We’re back!

Hello everyone, derpigreg here once again 🙂

I do sincerely apologize for our long absence and inactivity due to RL situations and such (Yeah, blame the exam period). But fear not, for as of today we resume our progress! Once again, I do thank all of you for your continual support even though we were not available.

As for recruitment is concerned, we really need translators and translation checkers. As of now, we are temporarily holding off the recruitment for editors, but we might still need some quality checkers. Coders and anything related to the technical aspects such as hacking will no longer be available as we have retrans assisting us. So in the meantime, if you are not confident in applying or know anyone that might be willing to work with us, please do help spread the word around.

Also, I do have question to ask all of you, so please do answer in the poll below ^_^

Well then, if there’s anything else you need, feel free to ask us anytime!


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Its Spring!

Hello everyone derpigreg here!

And so we have a bad news incoming, not good news(I once thought it would be but under certain circumstances seems like it was only short-lived).

Well lets go in chronological order. Firstly, Felios has decided to resign from his position and will no longer be part of this project from today onward. Following that, it will be official now that the leadership position has changed. As of now, I will be leading the pack and the one who will be watching my back will be Mizore Man. This was decided after we saw the huge amount of inactivity in our group. And with this, we have decided to do some ‘Spring Cleaning’. Inactive members would be removed from the staff roll and will no longer be given permission to have access to our project, until we get a reply from them.

And with that, once again we have a lot of holes to fill in, so most slots are open for recruitment. Once again, we are in real need for members and please do help to spread the word of our recruitment drive. We need to get as far as we can for members who are willing to remain active and able to help out.

With this, please do look forward for the next update and wish us the best of luck 😛


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Update of the Month

Hello all, derpigreg here!

Good news for now: We have recruited a new  TLC! Do meet Felios, he’s gonna take care most of it from here on~

However in the meantime, TL progress will slow down due to some people needing to take a temporary absence for personal and official reasons.

Then again, please do support us and hope you will apply soon 🙂

*We are still looking for translators >.<*
*And yes, the staff list official progress here might have a delay in update*


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A quick update

Hey guys! Sora’s here to give everyone a quick update on our progress~

First off, some of you guys might have noticed that our pace has slowed down, mainly because some members are starting to get busy with college/uni etc, and personally I’ll also be away for a few weeks on Feb. Despite that, we will be sure to work on the scripts whenever we can, and deliver the patch ASAP~ (feel free to stalk our TL progress page to see any updates on the translation XD)

For those who are concerned, we have recruited a Felios and Ningen as TL and TLC respectively to redo all scripts that were done by Joshyan to maintain consistency. =]

Recruitment-wise, we are still looking for more translators and translation checkers to join our team!!! 😀 If anyone is interested, feel free to drop a PM on fuwanovel, email one of us or come over to our IRC channel #WakarimashitaTL to apply! 😀

Ganbatte, minna!!!! XD


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Recruitment update

Hello there everyone! derpigreg at your service!

As of now, I’ve updated the staff roster and you might wanna take a peek. Sadly to say. we had to dismiss Joshyan for various reasons and in the meantime, we have a new TLC and a whole lot more in other slots!

So as of now, we are no longer recruiting any testers, editors or quality checkers until further notice.
Please do apply or share around the recruitment for this project as we still need translators and translation checkers >.<
(It’s a pretty small list there and members of both roles are trying to keep up by switching roles from time to time)

I wish you a good day to all of you and do keep supporting us! Thanks a lot!

And also, support James Onii-sama!!


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